Dinner Menu

Soup & Salad

Menestra and Beans – $7.99
Escarole sauteed with sausage, onions, garlic and white beans. Served with a touch of chicken broth.

Pasta E Fagioli – $5.99
Ditalini pasta simmered in marinara sauce with white beans, sausage and onions.

Soup of the Day – Cup $2.99 – Bowl $4.99

Bowl of Salad – Small $2.99 – Large $5.99
Fresh garden greens served with Roma tomatoes, cucumbers, and olives, then topped with your choice of dressing.

Antipasto – Small $11.99 – Large $14.99
Fresh garden greens topped with salami, hame, prosciutto, cappicola, gardiniera, Roma tomatoes, roasted red peppers, fontinella cheese, and black olives.